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You Might Be Wondering... Is The '10X Your Identity, 10X Your Impact' Challenge Right for Me?

Absolutely! This ‘10X Your Identity, 10X Your Impact’ Challenge is perfect for you if...


  • You've tried various self-improvement techniques like reading books, attending seminars, hired coaches, or following online gurus, but still feel stuck in the same patterns.
  • You're completely new to personal development and feel overwhelmed by the thought of transforming your life. (Hint: It's not you who's falling short... it's the strategies you've been using!)
  • You’ve read about changing mindsets and overcoming fears, but haven't found a easy way to implement these changes in your life without feeling hard.
  • You believe that such transformative challenges won't work for you because your situation is “unique” or “different”... 
  • You're ready and committed to making 2024 your breakthrough year!

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Are You Paralyzed by Fear and Tired Of "Things" Always Getting In The Way Of Your Success? Experience the Breakthrough You Need with the '10X Your Identity, 10X Your Impact' 5-Day Challenge!

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • ❌ Struggling with self-doubt, lack of confidence, &  feeling stuck in your personal & professional life and don't know why...
  • ❌ Lacking a clear direction or proven framework to finally make impactful changes you didn't get from other coaching programs.. 
  • ❌ Overwhelmed by your current circumstances and tired of feeling like nothing you try makes a difference.
  • ❌ Frequently feeling lost or unsure about how to break the cycle of fears, bad habits, and emotions that keep taking control of your life.

AFTER The Challenge:

  • ✅ Empowered with a newfound understanding of how YOUR brain works, breaking you free from the need for constant external validation. 
  • ✅ Aquire the tools that I've literally paid THOUSDANDS for that will help lead towards real tangible progress in your personal and professional life.
  • Overcome the feeling of being "stuck" for good and finaly get out of the hustle rat race in areas like money, habits, love, and so much more! 

Here's what you can expect during our time together: 


DAY 1: Uncover the Obstacles Blocking Your Dreams

Right from the gate, we'll dive deep into the barriers preventing you from saying a wholehearted "YES!" to your dreams. Let's identify and break down those obstacles together! You will be shocked to know what's getting in the way! 

DAY 2: Explore Your Indirect Benefits!

On Day 2, we'll spend time identifying your secondary gains. We dive deep into the realms of your subconscious to explore the hidden benefits holding you back. Crazy right?! No more staying in your comfort zone after uncovering this!  


DAY 3: Implementation Day - Befriend Your Fear and Take Action! 

Through a pre-recorded video, we guide you in befriending your fear and taking meaningful action AKA you're taking ACTION on this day! This is going to be a MEGA game-changer for you! Whatever you've been wanting to accomplish, it's going to happe on this day! 


DAY 4: Transforming Your Relationship with Money!

Learn how to shift from hustling to attracting money through some of my top brain-based manifestation techniques!  Say goodbye to the hustle, and welcome more abundance into your life! 

DAY 5: Craft Your 10X Identity and Impact! 

We've reached the pinnacle – Day 5! It's time to craft the version of yourself that embodies 10X identity and impact. On this final day, you'll create a vision of success that goes beyond your OWN limits. Embrace the power to redefine who you are and the impact you make on the world!



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