Discover How You Can Help Yourself and Others Achieve Success Using Hypnosis as Certified NGH Hypnotist



Train to become a world class NGH Certified Hypnotist and help your clients live life without limits!


You already know that the best way to grow your business and up-level your coaching results is by having the ability to remove and transform your client’s subconscious limitations. During our time together, we will learn how to access the 3 levels of awareness or consciousness: subconscious, conscious and unconscious mind to remove the negative blocks that are covering up a healthy and balanced life. Expand your client's potential and your business abilities too! 


Past Students Included:

Personal Trainers
Reiki Practitioners
Life Coaches

Spiritual Healers

Business Coaches

Online Educators
Guidance Counselors
Occupational Therapists
Corporate Professionals
Alternative Medicine Professionals
Health & Wellness Coaches




What if you can help people shift their stories, upgrade their beliefs, and transform their habits through the power of hypnosis.


Did you know?


About 95% of all our beliefs, patterns and behaviors are controlled by the subconscious mind. It makes sense then, that the subconscious is the powerful force that keeps us stuck in patterns and behaviors, even when we consciously say we want to experience something different. The subconscious can be responsible for patterns like negative thinking, emotional distress, lack of confidence, traumas, negative habits and triggers, all the things that your clients are most likely dealing with. 

So if you're are a coach or mindset/spiritual related practitioner, you know that getting your clients results is the real reason why you entered the field in the first place. With Hypnosis, your clients will be able to receive greater shifts as Hypnosis allows for them to break their deepest subconscious beliefs. Not only will you strengthen the relationship you have with your client, but it will also allow you to expand on the services you can provide within your practice or coaching programs.


Since the subconscious mind is so influential in our daily lives, understanding and rewiring the subconscious mind is the best way to create transformational results and attract all the abundance, health, wealth you can imagine into your life and business! 



***You must attend and complete the following times listed below to receive a your certification. 





Here are the dates:                  Time:                                             

Jan. 31st - Feb. 4th, 2022        8:00am PDT - 5:00pm PDT              

Feb. 13th, 2022                          8:00am PDT - 5:00pm PDT              

Feb. 19th - 20th, 2022              8:00am PDT - 5:00pm PDT            


                        Also requires 30HRS of self-study on topics related to Hypnosis





NGH Curriculum & Lessons 


HypnoThrive includes the complete curriculum for a professional career in hypnotherapy, developed and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest professional hypnosis organization in the world with members across the USA and in more than 65 other countries around the globe. 


What You’ll Learn:

Exactly what Hypnosis is and is not
A brief history of Hypnosis
The hard science of Hypnosis and how it works within the brain
Who can be Hypnotized and who can’t
How to determine the best way to work with a client, using suggestibility tests.
How to help every client enter the state of Hypnosis
The most advanced Hypnotic inductions (including rapid inductions)
Powerful deepening techniques
How to use convincers to get maximum results
How to develop suggestions & scripts
How to develop session structures for: Self-Hypnosis, Stress Relief, Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence, Sports, Weight Release, Smoking Cessation, Managing discomfort, working with unnecessary fears, and many more
Incredibly powerful hypnotic techniques that get results
Impressive Hypnotic research, testimonials and case studies
How to hold group hypnosis sessions


What You’ll Receive:

In addition to the course itself, all attendee will receive the following training materials from the Official National Guild of Hypnotists:

Manual 1 (Spiral Bound Text Book)
Manual 2 (Spiral Bound Text Book)
Interviews with Renown Consulting Hypnotists (on DVD)
Motivation for The New Hypnotist (on CD)
Hypnomotivation by Dr. Dwight Damon & Patricia MacIsaac (articles)
Hypnosis Client Forms
How to Build a Successful Practice (E-Book)
Master Marketing (3 DVDs & Workbook)
Getting Started in Business (2 DVD set)
From Scratch on a Shoestring by Arthur Leidecker (E-Book)
Benefits of NGH Membership (on CD)
All the basic scripts you’ll need to start working with clients:
Smoking Cessation, Weight Release, Pain Management, Ego Strengthening/Self-Confidence, and many more


Laws of Suggestion


Discover how the law of suggestion work. The laws of suggestion mean that whenever attention becomes concentrated upon an idea. What happens is that idea becomes spontaneously realized. It is the attention of the unconscious mind that is being utilized.


Establishing Rapport


If you're good at building rapport, then you won't have a problem connecting with others. I'm going to teach you how to establish rapport so you can easily build relationships with your clients.  Plus learn how to find common ground, become empathic, and manner.


Mastering the Intake


The purpose of the intake session is to establish an understanding with the client about the issue or problem that needs to be addressed. This will help you know the problem in advance and set a proper solution.


Preparing for your First Session


One of the hardest activities is preparing for the first session.Why? Well, you have no clue to what’s coming and what’s going to happen. This is why I’m going to help you prepare for your first session. 




Learn how to do self-hypnosis properly, how it can help you create new habits, become a better version of yourself. Most people only  know the surface level, learn how dive deep into levels of deep states and create long-lasting transformation.


Content Reframing

Learn how to reframe content and have your clients have shifts that allows them to have breakthrough results in their sessions. 




20+ Hypnosis Scripts & Script Writing


Another advantage of HypnoThrive is that you'll get exclusive access 20+ scripts that you can start using on your clients immediately. Plus,  I’m going to teach you how to write scripts that transform the lives of your client.


Be Part of Interactive Learning Experience.


Throughout our time together we'll be practicing with an assigned partner how to hypnotize them from Day 1!


Exclusive NLP & Hypnosis Training Recordings


Replays to ALL HypnoThrive Sessions 


Access to a private graduates HypnoThrive FB group!



Upon completion of the course, you’ll also receive:

Consulting Hypnotist Certification from the NGH (the oldest and largest Hypnosis organization in the world)
Your Official NGH Diploma
A 1-Year Complimentary Membership to the NGH
Subscription to The Hypnogram and The Journal of Hypnotism
Additional New Member Materials

Hi, I'm Mary Lou Rodriguez!
Your Certified Master Hypnotherapist! 🦋


I am NGH Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Brain Training Expert! I have spent my incredible time teaching thousands of high-level entrepreneurs, high-achievers, and people like you to master their mindset and train their brain to attract a life beyond imaginable!  Through my powerful programs, trainings, and hypnosis audios, you will be able shift your beliefs, master your thoughts, and raise your vibration to live a life that exceeds your wildest expectations! There was a point in my life that I wasn't this confident. I was just like you, stuck in perfectionism, stuck in old stories and beliefs that were just limiting my potential. When I finally decided to shift my attention from that and use hypnosis to rewire brain to unstoppable confidence, my life expanded beyond what I imagined. Now, I'm here to teach you how to do the same as a Certified Hypnotist. Just imagine what would be possible for you and your clients  if you had unlimited unstoppable confidence in ALL areas of Hypnosis Expand your client's potential and your business abilities too!




Don't waste any more time

It is a small commitment of your time and money to get the results you desire for yourself and clients. Securing just one client can be a complete return on your investment.  People need what YOU have to offer.  Make this year the year that your business finally takes off!   Limited spots available.







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