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I’m Mary Lou Rodriguez, Master Hypnotherapist.  I help you shift your stories, upgrade your beliefs, and transform your habits through the power of hypnosis.


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I’m Mary Lou Rodriguez, Master Hypnotherapist. I help people shift their stories, upgrade their beliefs, and transform their habits through the power of hypnosis.

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Rachelle H.

Mary Lou's sessions are powerful! I listen to her recordings every night before bed and it has had a tremendous impact in changing my wealth consciousness. She is caring, kind and full of love and service.


Georgie Beames

Deciding to work with Mary Lou was the best decision not only for my money mindset but we went so much deeper in our sessions allowing me to work on and help clear other blocks too including worth and trust (huge ones for me!)


Why Does Hypnosis Work So Well?


Hypnosis is extremely powerful –  It promotes healing and releasing of old habits therefore changing the story that leads to your future. In sessions you will re-learn a new positive way of thinking and break free from anxiety, trauma, addiction, unwanted behaviors or whatever is holding you back. We will then work towards building the exciting new habits to create the life you want.


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Hear what Greg from New Zealand has to say about his experience working with Mary Lou!


Hi, I'm Mary Lou Rodriguez!

Your Certified Master Hypnotherapist! 🦋


I am Certified Master Hypnotherapist & NeuroHypnosis Business Coach! I have spent the last 2 years teaching thousands of high-level entrepreneurs and people like you to master their mindset and train their brain to attract a life beyond imaginable!  Through my powerful programs, trainings, and hypnosis audios, you will be able shift your beliefs, master your thoughts, and raise your vibration to live a life that exceeds your wildest expectations!


"When Mary Lou Works Her Magic, Things Change!" 

After working with Mary Lou, Melissa was able to change the way she talks to herself and shift the negative chatter that made her have incredible results!


"I am so glad I decided to work with Mary Lou. She has helped me shift my money mindset from one of scarcity, to that of abundance."


Erin Vanderkooy


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Download my 14-Day Unstoppable Confidence Hypnosis Audio FREE!