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Hi, I'm Mary Lou Rodriguez

A National Guild Certified Master Hypnotherapist.  


After successfully helping hundreds of high level entrepreneurs, I'm confident that  I can also help you shift your stories, upgrade your beliefs, and transform your habits through the power of hypnosis. 



My Powerful Story 


I am a happy, successful, and passionate hypnotherapist!  I am a abundant business owner, confident speaker, girlfriend, loving sister and friend! Coming from the state of Oregon, I had been an employee most of my life and in March of 2018, I took the leap of faith to start my own business. It wasn’t until my mother fell ill and went into a coma for two years, that I became interested in studying the benefits of hypnosis. In an attempt to communicate with my mother through her subconscious – this is when my passion for hypnosis blossomed. Since then, I was placed on a beautiful path of healing work that I love so much! Now, 2.5 years later it has allowed me to help thousands of people like you and entrepreneurs achieve their biggest goals. Erase the self sabotaging thoughts and habits... Like others, I already know that YOU will too.  


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